Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just buy a book, or watch free videos on how to reach my goals?

You could - but whether or not it’s actually helpful to do so is another story.

In truth, anyone can benefit from coaching. Many of us already know what need to do, yet we don't necessarily do it. We get excited about a new goal, make a decision, start out enthusiastically - but soon find ourselves self-sabotaging, feeling overwhelmed, falling off the wagon, and even giving up altogether.  

Turning effort into success is a systematic process that requires knowledge, skill, and mastery. Gathering the right information, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, isn't always easy; that’s why self-help books do not often lead to independent change.  

Consistent follow-through is often a question of accountability and planning - things no book or video can provide for you. Coaching fills this gap by creating individualized, researched-based plans; providing accountability; and by guiding you to discover all the hidden roadblocks that trip you up along the way. 

What does it look like to work with you?

I combine active, compassionate listening with challenging questions and activities designed to help you see from other perspectives, discover new insights, and develop new skills. 

Sessions usually begin with a quick check-in and review of goals. We then move on to discussion of any obstacles you’re facing, and I may present education, lead an activity, or have you practice a skill in session aimed at overcoming those obstacles. We finish up with a review of the session, and plan what you’re going to work on between sessions.

Yes, you’ll almost certainly have “homework” - though I recognize life is chaotic, and I try to ensure that anything I ask you to work on between sessions is actually reasonable and achievable; I will never set you up for failure.

Should I see a coach or therapist?

Great question! There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between coaching and counseling/therapy. 

A quick way to distinguish the two - coaching is generally for people who are looking for specific results and actionable guidance, whereas counseling is generally for people who are looking for insight. 

Coaching is not appropriate for those with significant psychological illness. I will see individuals who are also receiving therapy, and I’m happy to work with them if you like, and if they’re open to it!

How did ADHD Coaching Start?

The idea of ADHD Coaching was first brought up in 1995. The article, "Coaching: An Adjunct to the Treatment of ADHD," was based on Dr. Hallowell's clinical experience as a psychiatrist working with patients with ADHD. Dr. Hallowell was inspired by the frustration of his inability to provide the more intensive support that was often necessary to help his patients manage the challenges and complications of daily life. "While most of these patients want to succeed, their symptoms keep tripping them up," noted Dr. Hallowell. "Their problems lie not so much in assessing what they would do, but as in following through. Most individuals with ADHD can tell you what they would like to do, their problem lies in doing it." ADHD Coaching fills a serious "gap" in wellness. This is where a trained coach works to skills train, assist, provide guidance, support, accountability, and supplement treatment. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for your services?

If you struggle to make deadlines, set and stick with goals, have difficulty with prioritizing or organization, struggle with chronic pain or illness, or want to improve a relationship - reach out. I only work with those who I feel strongly I can help drastically improve their life in some way. If for some reason you are not a good fit, I’m happy to connect you with other resources.

Are there benefits to virtual coaching?

Definitely. Studies suggest virtual learning leads to more growth in skill development and a higher success transferring skills over to real-life performance. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about driving somewhere, or sitting in a waiting room. Just click the link at your session time, and you’re in!

Are your services covered under insurance?

Currently, coaching is not covered under most insurance plans. However, there are several options to make coaching more accessible. For more info, check out the Payment Options page.

Do I have to have a diagnosis to use your services?

Nope! Whether you have a diagnosis, or just find yourself identifying with some of the challenges I discuss in my content, the best thing you can do is reach out to schedule a free consult.

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